Our history

1962: The company GOPEX (Groupement d’Orientation de Production et d’Exportation des semences de pommes de terre) is formed when the group of seed potato producers in Brittany is created.

1990-1995: Following the Gulf War at the beginning of 1991 and the collapse of the Iraqi market, the structure was split into two companies :

– GOPEX Distribution for trade and production (100% subsidiary of Bretagne Plants).

– Sica Bretagne Plants for the producers’ group, varietal creation, crop control and in vitro multiplication.

1995-2000: In November 1995, Gopex becomes a 50% subsidiary of Bretagne Plants and 50% of Even Agri.

2001-2018: In 2001, the group is taken over by 24 shareholders of the Société des Producteurs Bretons, and is then managed by Pierre Cadiou.

2018: With the retirement of Pierre Cadiou, the company is bought by the Florimond Desprez Group. From 2020, Gopex’s activities are integrated into SPE, a subsidiary of the Florimond Desprez Group, based in Brittany and specialising in the production and sale of seed potatoes.


Since 1990, Gopex Distribution has focused its growth on the development of exclusive varieties such as Safrane, Alaska, Naïma… The company sells 95% of its production on export markets: Europe, Middle East, North Africa and West Africa (35 countries).


Variety selection

Historically, the renewal of the Gopex range is ensured thanks to close collaboration with the Bretagne Plants Innovation varietal selection.
Since its integration into the Florimond Desprez Group, Gopex can also count on the innovations offered by its sister companies, notably Germicopa Breeding. Gopex therefore benefits from the know-how and resources of this family group, which has specialised in plant improvement for more than 150 years.


Production: the assets of Brittany

Brittany has many assets to produce plants of high sanitary and physiological quality. Its geographical position and climate make it one of the earliest production areas in Europe, guaranteeing Gopex customers deliveries from the start of the season.
Brittany also stands out for its exceptional sanitary conditions. This favourable context and the know-how of farmers who have long specialised in the production of seed potatoes enable Gopex to ship its seed potatoes to countries with the most demanding phytosanitary standards.